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Real professional education in an online school format. Master and apply your skills, improve them on real projects, acquire a new profession and change your life. Manage your time: study when it's convenient.
Nice to meet you, we are Mentorama. The first online mentoring in Brazil, which is revolutionizing the teaching and professional development market in the country.
Our courses are focused on the most modern and wanted professions in the market, in areas such as Graphic Design, Web Design, UX Design Game design, Programming, among others.
With more than 50.000 students worldwide, we have a different methodology: Instead of teachers, we have Mentors. Renowned professionals from large companies, who transmit their knowledge and professional experiences in a practical way, guiding you in the preparation of real projects for some of the biggest brands of Brazil.
Have you ever thought about creating real projects with Mentors from PicPay?
Developing a new app for a digital bank?
Creating a game to rock the internet?
Or learning the art of Matte Painting with the Designer from Game of Thrones?
Let our Mentors guide you to the path of professional success!
Renowned Mentors
Study with the best professionals from the market
50 000 students
88% of students
find a job before finishing the studies

Choose what is interesting for you


One of the most promising professions nowadays is IT specialist. Technical specialists are needed everywhere, they are not fired in a crisis, they have interesting salaries and tasks.
Data Science


Working with Design is something that many dream about. The designers can work in a variety of areas: studios and agencies, banks, e-commerce, product teams. You can receive requests as a freelancer and work comfortably anywhere in the world.
Graphic Design


An industry that grows very fast and in which there are not enough professionals: game developers, conceptual artists, 3D modelers, animators, game engine specialists, game designers. Get into the GameDev professions and make your passion a source of income!
Unreal Engine
3Ds Max
Concept Art
Teaching at Mentorama
Experienced Mentors will be with you at all times: Teachers who work in the area will check your homework, give tips, guide and help.
Real experience
In practical classes you will face real problems - these are exactly the ones you will have to face when acquiring a new profession.You will be ready.
Teacher who work in the field
All teaching materials are prepared by people currently working in the sector. There will be no classes based on 20 year old books.
Constantly updated materials
We are always improving curriculum materials: adding new ones and removing irrelevant ones.
Student's personal account
You can track your progress, communicate with teachers and colleagues. If you forgot something, it's easy to repeat the lesson.
Mentor Support
Teachers not only prepare classes, they are actively involved in your education. The guidance system helps you to grow faster and not be disoriented.
The basis of education is a systematic approach to education. After learning the basics and applying it practically, you can move on to more complex modules. The complexity will gradually increase and so will your skills.
Online speeches
Webinars and consultations
Conclusion project
We invite specialists
We want the students to receive the knowledge that they can put into practice.
Do you have a lot of experience and wish to share knowledge as a teacher? Leave a request and tell us about you.
Online school of the most wanted professions
Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2369 - São Paulo -SP
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